She is 18 now

Claire Kyle was Born August 25,1993 18 year old and Jay Kyle as thier second child.As a young girl,Claire began getting clumsy and careless.At 12 1/2,she jumped down the stairs claiming that she was "too cute for gravity but did not get injured by her fall.Her parents had been videotaping and also laughed at her for this.As she grew older her parents began deeply loving her even after Katy's birth.However at 15 she began falling down stairs constantly and other clumsy things.She even pretended to be sick to skip school and see her boyfriend Tony,though her father found out and she learned her lesson.At first Micheal does not trust Tony but even after he does she breaks up with him though they still get back together.She once joined her mother in Yoga class,causing Jay to get jealous only to get Jay punished herself for being rude.She asked Franklin to help write a report once and convinced him to help her cheat after the teachers wanted to do a Q&A with her,but Micheal and Junior exposed her as a cheater.In one episode she discovers that Katy had been

jazz raycole played claire kyle first

stealing her make up and hair products,her parents asked for proof.In order to teach Katy a lesson about honesty by putting skunk smell in a perfume bottle and left knowing that Katy would steal it.She succeeded when Katy went to the bathroom and put the perfume on proving her to be a thief as everyone would not look at her due to the oder for a few hours until the tomato juice would get rid of the smell.At the time that their nephew had been born,Katy and Claire were at the mall.Katy and Claire loved their nephew very much.In the last episode it is unknown what happens to Katy and her sibling after Jay got pregnant.