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Jay (Born October 13, 1968) Age 43

Jay (Born October 13, 1968) Age 43 amily and mother of three children. Jay's role in the series is typically to be the voice of reason for the family, including Michael; for example, when Michael evicted Junior from the house in season three's "Jr.'s Risky Business" after catching him and his girlfriend Vanessa in Jay and Michael's bed after having sex, she is the one who tries to have Michael to rethink his decision. During the series, Jay's maiden name is contradicted as in the season two episode "Make Over", in which a frumpy-feeling Jay gets a new look, her maiden name is said to be Thomas (an earlier episode stated her maiden name as Johnson, by Michael). In the pilot, Jay gets a job at a stock broker firm, much to Michael's chagrin, a job which she is subsequently fired from in the season two episode "Jay Gets Fired". In the fourth and fifth seasons, a running gag featured Jay often uttering a devilish laugh when she has a plan or when she thinks something is funny. When the other Kyles witness her laughing at something that's really not funny, they sometimes gave her a "not funny" gesture to make her stop. She was around 32 years old in season 1. 33 to 34 in season 2. 34 to 35 in season 3. 35 to 36 in season 4. 36 to 37 in season 5.

  Character Relationships
  Has an unnamed mother
   Kelly- sister in law
   Has a brother in law in a wheel chair
     Bobby Shaw-former love interest and possible rival due too his rivalry with Micheal
        Vannessa-daughter in law  
         Calvin-vanness's father and one of Jay's friends
         Jasmine- vannessa's mother and one of Jay's friends
         Mrs Whoo-rival in "restaurant  Wars"
          Mr Whoo-rival in " restaurant wars"
           Junior Junior-grandson