Michael Kyle

Born: January 1, 1969

Age: 42

Portrayed By

Damon Wayans

Damon Kyle Wayans (Born January 1,1969) Age 42 his relationship with Jay,he tried y winning a dance contest against his arch rival Bobby Shaw.But he lost the contest and his focus while trying to perform a move called the "triple bye bye birdie" when seeing Bobby Shaw kistsing Jay he fell and heart his back.Eventaully Jay and Micheal started dating and Jay got pregnant with their first and only son,Micheal Kyle Jr. and Claire Kyle later on,Jay soon gave birth to Katy Kyle who was cavorts by both parents and had many friends.Micheal builds his own successfull trucking company.Katy soon befriends Frankelin Mumford who appears to be her boyfriend and one Micheal's friends.His sweetness to Katy often makes Jay jealous.Micheal soon once again competes against Bobby Shaw in a dance off and wins by performing the "Triple Bye Bye Birdie",thus getting his revenge on Booby Shaw.Upon discovering that Junior had gotten his girlfriend Vannessa pregnant,Micheal and Jay stand up to Vannessa's parents and Iater becomes friends her parent.He also befriends Claire's boyfriend Tony.Bobby Shaw returns and almost takes Junior away from his family,but Micheal defeats him in a rap battle.When finding out that Junior had the employees to do his work for him he teaches him a lesson about teamwork.As a token of their appreceation for Micheal and Jay's support,Vannessa and Junior name their son Micheal Kyle III (Juinior,Jr).After failing a class on how to be a grandparent,he is not allowed to babysit his grandchild,though he learns his lesson and is allowed to watch his grandson.In the final episode Jay gets pregnant and it is unknown what happens after this.

 Has a brother currently in a wheelchair
 Sharon-ex-girlfriend currently friends with him and Kelly
 Bobby Shaw-arch rival
 Jay Kyle-wife
 Frankelin-Katy's Boyfriend and Micheal friend.
Tony-Claire's boyfriend and Micheal's friend.
 Vannessa-daughter in law.
  Madision-Vannessa's mother and Micheal and Jay's friend.
   Calvin-Vanessa's father and one of Micheal and Jay's friends.
   Micheal Kyle III (Junior,Jr)-grandson